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Welcome to YouBuildYourHouse.com!                             

 Building a home can be an exciting, rewarding experience, especially if you do it yourself! While it may not be feasible for everyone to build their own home, if you are good at negotiating, coordinating lots of people to do lots of different things, troublshooting, and generally just like to do things yourself, then building your own home just might be the right thing for you! 

 Ironwood Custom Builders is an award winning custom home builder and remodeler that also offers consulting packages to help those who would like to venture into being their own general contractor.  Packages start with a simple hourly rate for those who may have some background in construction and just need a little advice throughout the project, to packages that include all of the paper work that you will need, detailed instructions for meeting with building inspectors, lenders, subcontractors and suppliers, along with flow charts for scheduling, and check lists. 

 Our proven process details all that you need to know to act as your own home builder in language that's easy to understand and easy to follow.
Click to find out more and get on your way to building your own dreams! 
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